Blogging for Business

Blogging is absolutely hot and yet abounding humans still accept no abstraction what it is or what it's for. I usually get one of two responses if I acquaint humans that I afresh launched a blog: 'A what?' or 'Great, area can I acquisition it?'It seems humans are either absolutely acquainted and complex with blogging or blind of its existence. Don't be larboard abaft and absence out on a aces befalling to affix with added abeyant audience and partners.Some humans accept heard about blogs and accept a abrogating consequence of them. Yes, there are humans who accept blogs that abide of annihilation added than an on-line account that abstracts their ordinary, circadian activity activities. This is NOT what I am talking about. I wish you to use blogging to advance your business!Highly admired business leaders and writers like Debbie Weil, Tom Peters, Seth Godin, and Malcolm Gladwell as able-bodied as ample corporations accept blogs, so why not you?How blogging allowances your business:* Accretion added acknowledgment to -to-be audience and the media* Drive cartage to your website* Positions you as an able and your business as the solution (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); There are several means to get complex with blogging. Alpha area you feel adequate and accept any, or all, of these options:1. Alpha account absorbing blogs2. Animadversion on others' blogs3. Begin your own blogREADING BLOGSThink about authors of books you like and see if they accept a blog. What about your industry, who are the leaders? Do they accept a blog? You can seek which is a seek engine agnate to Google which is accurately for blogs.So how do you apperceive if the blogs you like accept new advice for you to read? You can download software to your computer although I acclaim two added options. One is a web based 'reader' which artlessly entails traveling to a website ( and are examples) and signing up and again selecting blogs you are absorbed in. The added advantage is to accept notification of your admired blogs via e-mail by signing up at anniversary blog you like. You can consistently do a aggregate of both.COMMENTING ON BLOGSAfter anniversary admission on a blog there is usually a hotlink at the end that says, you estimated it, 'comments' and if you bang on it you can blazon in your thoughts on the topic. Some blogs acquiesce you to column your comments anon and others examination your comments afore posting.When you abode absorbing comments to blogs, you accretion acknowledgment because you 'sign' your animadversion by abacus a hotlink to your website, your e-mail address, or to your own blog.START YOUR OWN BLOGThere is a ton of chargeless advice on the internet about how to alpha a blog so I will not go into the data here. Trust me, I'm no abstruse astrologer so if I can do it, you can too. You don't accept to architecture anything, a lot of blog hosts accommodate a advanced alternative of templates you can accept from.You can accept a chargeless blog host like or I chose an bargain paid blog host,, because it is important for me to accept admission to abstruse support.It is analytical to adjudge on the focus of your blog and stick to it. I adulation's tag line, "Inform. Influence. Inspire." What could the purpose of your blog be?Ideas for the focus of your blog:- Specific aspects of your business that are not covered on your website (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); - Case studies, tips, or articles- Trends in your industryWith a blog, it is cool simple to add new entries whenever you want. For a blog to be able it is important to column frequently, at atomic already a week. Think about it, how generally do you amend or change the advice on your website? Probably not generally even if you are able to accomplish changes yourself. Abounding business owners await on a webmaster to accomplish changes which makes the action even added complicated.When your blog is ready, be abiding to acquaint humans about it and add it to the blog seek engines which are simple to acquisition on the internet. You can aswell add a hotlink to your blog on your website, e-mail signature, and business cards!Are you starting to bolt the blog fever? I bent it, here's my blog Don't delay, get out there and alpha account blogs, abacus comments to others' blogs, and hopefully ablution a amount arranged blog for your business in the actual abreast future!(c) 2006 Stephanie Ward